There are several display and mounting options available for the paintings. These works are either on wood panel or Terraskin paper, which is a modern paper created largely from stone. It's heavy, thick and very strong. Both the wood and Terraskin paintings can be framed as any other paper works would be framed. If you would like suggestions in this regard I may be able to offer some. The paintings on wood panel also have the option of having a wooden framework attached to the back, enabling them to be hung on a wall without a frame, floating out from the wall (see images below). The paper works can also be mounted using a special and unique wall mount I developed where the painting is simply pinned to the mount, enabling it to hang, much light an Asian scroll (see images below). Most of the works are approx. 31 by 41 inches.

Here are some images of the wall mounting system for paper works. The art is pinned to the mount and hangs like a scroll, unique and interesting.

Below are examples of the paintings that are on wood panels. A wooden framework is attached to the back allowing wall mounting.

There are also online virtual framing tools that you can put your image into a virtual frame. This can help you to pick a frame before you go shopping for one. Here is a link to one of the websites.