These works are expressions of peace. My intention is to bring simplicity, beauty and calm to a room. They are on paper or wood panel. Dimensions are approx. 28 by 40 inches. The paper works are on Terraskin paper, a very heavy, strong paper made mostly from ground stone. They mount and frame like any other paper or canvas artworks. The works on wood are on sealed 1/4 inch mdf.

All Paintings in this section are $1200 cad plus shipping, packaging included. The works on paper ship in a tube to be mounted and framed by you. Works on wood panel are shipped in a box or crate and can be framed or wall mounted directly.

Peace Petal 2 (paper)

Peace Petal 1 (paper)

Peace Petal 4 (paper)

Peace Petal 3 (paper)

Peace Petal 6 (wood panel)

Peace Petal 5 (wood panel)

Movements in Silence 1 (wood panel)

The works on paper can be framed as any other paper works are framed. The paintings on wood panel can either be displayed with or without frames. Please visit the "Display and Mounting Options" page and/or contact me for more information.