Moons is a series of contemporary tabletop sculptures created from wood, glass, acrylic and LED lighting. When switched on they offer a soft, interesting light and beautiful visual appeal. Below is a video of the works. I hope you get as much pleasure seeing them as I did making them. For more detailed views please contact me or go my Youtube channel.

I experienced great pleasure in the creation of these works. I also endured the typical tests of patience occurring whenever something completely new is taken up. It can sometimes be difficult to remember that the struggles involved in embarking on a leap outside one's comfort zone are preferable to the struggles experienced by remaining within it. This is where experience comes in handy. I have seen the mind and body both rejoice and rebel in similar situations for many years and therefore am able to maintain a relatively objective awareness of it as it does its dance. I don't allow the noise to determine whether I will continue or not, it's simply part of the journey, like having a chattering bird land on my shoulder once in while.

One of rewards on a journey like this is seeing that through all the perils, steady intention and love of Flow has brought forth something of beauty, that the spirit once again was able to take everything the ego-mind could throw at it and stay its course. This inspires faith, not only in the creative process but in life itself.

Soluna. Wood, glass, acrylic, LED lighting. Approx. 36 by 4 inches deep.

Bridge of Moons. Wood, acrylic, paint, resin. Approx. 46 by 4 inches deep.

12 Moons. Wood, acrylic, paint, LED lighting. Approx. 36 inches by 4 inches deep.