Welcome to the Yugen and Ima sculptures. Here you will find contemporary wood and Washi Paper sculptures inspired by the arts of Japan, China and Asia in general. These sculptures are approximately 30 inches in height. Many of them (if desired) can incorporate LED lighting to serve as soft light in a room, others are clocks. For still images, please scroll past videos. Custom pieces are available.

For me, these works are miniature, contemporary versions of Asian temples. They seem to blend well with less structured environmental forms such a plush upholsteries and fabrics much as stone is such a beautiful compliment to water. Inversely, they also work well bringing clean simplicity to complex environments. Because of their almost monochromatic colour scheme they can be utilized as somewhat of a neutralizing, balancing affect to more colourful rooms. Some of the sculptures utilize rechargeable LED puck lights but they can also be wired for 120v lighting, although there may be some issues around local government electrical codes that would need to be considered. The tops of the sculptures are attached to the bases with small magnets, allowing access to the puck lights when required. The materials used in construction are Japanese Washi paper, Eastern Poplar wood and Cypress wood. Japanese paper has a history of being extremely resilient. The sculptures can be dismantled should the need for repairs ever arise. I hope you find as much enjoyment in these sculptures as as I did in their creation.



Ima 2

Yugen 4 and 5

Ima 3

The wood employed in these sculptures is Eastern Poplar, which I like because of its colour and lack of grain. The paper is Japanese Washi paper, a very strong paper that is durable and beautiful in texture and colour.

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