Welcome to the Yangshou paintings. Here you will find contemporary ink and watercolour works inspired by the arts of Japan, China and Asia in general. I hope you enjoy them. Most of these works are approximately 30 by 40 inches. Some are on paper, others on wood panel. Custom works are available.

Yangshou is a region in China known for its exceptional beauty. That beauty has been one of the elements inspiring these paintings.

As with my other Asian inspired works, the primary state of being I seek to access in their creation is one of simplicity, peace and attunement with Nature's creative Intelligence, and it's an interesting process. Because there are so few gestures and movements involved in painting each piece, the painting can either "succeed" or "fail" in very short order. This is similar to a lone musician playing a piece of music in a quiet room, there's nowhere to hide anything that isn't played well, the state of being of the artist will expressed in form quickly and obviously. But even when an artwork doesn't come out as pleasing, all is never lost as it can be then appreciated as a learning, much like we might decide not to listen to an intuitive urge in our lives, pay the price for it, then see that the resulting discomfort can serve as a reminder to listen next time.

These works are painted on either Terraskin paper or wood panel and can be framed in a variety of ways. Terraskin is a very strong, modern paper made mostly from ground stone. It frames and mounts well and allows for particular techniques and effects in painting that I find intriguing.

All Paintings in this section are $1200 cad plus shipping, packaging included. The works on paper ship in a tube to be mounted and framed by you. Works on wood panel are shipped in a box or crate and can be framed or wall mounted directly.

A sampling of Yangshou and Peace Petals

Qinglong (paper)

Blessings of Qinglong (paper)

Emperor (wood panel)

The works on paper can be framed as any other paper works are framed. The paintings on wood panel can either be displayed with our without frames. Please visit the "Display and Mounting Options" page and/or contact me for more information.

Japan (paper)

Yangshou 8 (paper)

Red Temple (paper)

Yangshou 10 (paper)

Yangshou 9 (paper)

Morning Rain (paper)

An Evening of Sampans (glass, paper, resin and wood) 72 by 22 inches

Tian Di (glass, paper, resin and wood) 72 by 22 inches

Shibui 5 (paper)

Shibui 4 (paper)

Shibui 7 (paper)

Shibui 6 (paper)

Shibui 2 (paper)

Shibui 1 (paper)

Shibui 3

Tao 2 (paper) approx. 60 by 16 inches

Tao 4 (paper)

Tao 5 (paper)

Tao 5 (paper)

Storm Arrival (paper)

Eventide 1 (paper)

Eventide 2 (paper)

Gia 1 (paper)

Gia 2 (paper)

Solace 3 (wood panel)

Listening for Peace (paper)

Solace 2 (wood panel)

Yangshou 1 (wood panel)

Peace Petals 7 (paper)

Yangshou 7 (wood)

Yangshou 6 (wood)

Yangshou 4 (wood)

Yangshou 1 (wood)

Yangshou 5 (wood)